Saturday, August 28, 2010

We have MOVED!


Thanks for visiting our Blog.
Pls kindly note that we have moved our blog to the following address:

Pls visit us here:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camera Pouch and A6 size Notebook Launch

Dear Customers and Friends,

Firstly, I like to apologised to those who have been waiting for my new product launch. Thanks for your patience with us.

I am glad to say that our new products are finally out!

Check out our camera pouch and A6 size notebook.


- Handmade camera Pouch for your beloved camera.
- Comes in either horizontal or vertical to suit your preference. Can fit in a typical slim camera.
- Sewed with soft batting to protect your camera

Dimension for horizontal camera pouch:
5"wide x 3.8" high

Dimension for vertical camera pouch:
3.5"wide x 5"high

Costs $20.90 with FOC postage

To view all ready stock, pls go to the below link and quote me the code number (ie. Vertical CP 01):


(2) A6 Size Notebook Cover:

Looking for a nice book cover ?
Check out our A6 size book cover.

It comes with an inner zip for your pens.

4.1"wide by 6.5"high (when closed)
8.2"wide by 6.5"wide (when opened)

Comes with complimentary A6 size Notebook and ribbon bookmark attached to it

Costs $19.00 with FOC postage

To view all ready stock, pls go to the below link and quote me the code number (ie. A6 BC01):

To place your orders, pls email me at and quote me the code number of the item you are interested in.

All are ready stock and will be sent out within 1 week from payment.
First come, first serve basis. Stock will only be hold for 1 day and if no payment is received, it shall be given to the next interested party.

Thanks and hope to see your support in our handmade!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Japanese Fabric

Check out our new batch of Japanese fabric..

These are not sanrio fabric but nevertheless, they are still very cute and i promise that they will look nice as pouches. You will love them too!

Just some preview of some of the fabric i bought.

Check out more new fabric here:

See Fabric J092 to J104.
These are the new ones:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Completed Orders for May / June

You must be wondering if i have MIA again...haha

We are just busy with catching up orders for the past few weeks..that's why our launch of new item has been delayed sorry abt that.

Once this round of custom order is done, i will proceed with my launch so do be patient with us ya:)

Anyway, just for sharing. These are some pretty and cute pouches that we have just completed for our customers this mth:)
Happy viewing!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I need time and strength..

I have been struggling with myself for the past few weeks.

I wanted to do more for my online business and i do have lots of ideas to improve on my business but i simply could not find more time..Sigh!

Or perhaps i should just rent some time from pple who can spare them and pay them for that??haha..Hrmm...i have been thinking of doing that .

My mum has also came up with quite a number of stocks lately but they have been sitting in my box now, waiting for me to photographed them..

I somehow feel that i have let my customers down by not been able to do more..(do forgive me for being late in reply sometime ..i am trying my best to cope with this together with my FT job) as my job has become more demanding nowadays with short turnaround time.

Monday is usually a nightmare for me, having to stay in office late to finish up my reporting and analysis. But i can't complain as i feel good that i am able to learn more and use that to build up my marketing and business knowledge for my own business..

My new online store will be coming up soon with revamp in the interest of my local customers.
Payment via internet transfer will be made possible from there and i hope this makes things easier for me especially during my Sales..which i am planning for one (but subjected to my time and strength)

Anyway, i hope to be able to conduct a small pre-order soon too and i do hope to see continued support from my customers which i usually do. For that, I really owe a BIG THANK YOU to those who supported me for the longest time (u know who u are and i am thinking of coming up with a reward system to reward you gals too)

Let me think of a good one and i will definitely email u the good news once i have firmed things up:)

Do come back to my blog for more updates!
See ya!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess what is this? Coming soon!

New! Coming soon!